The following article contains spoilers from episode 1 of Housing Complex C. To catch up on the latest episode, it’s available for streaming on HBO Max.

Housing Complex C is finally here, promising anime fans a completely unique take on the horror genre. Though the series is listed to run for just four episodes, Housing Complex C has garnered quite a bit of attention in the months leading to its premiere. With the first episode out of the way, it’s time to look over some of the most notable first impressions the series made.


Kimi, the protagonist, was more than just a little girl caught in the middle of misfortune, and she didn’t act like an adult in a child’s body either. She was still a child, but her morbid curiosity and behavior are enough to garner some intrigue from the viewer. Additionally, most, if not all the cast was introduced in the first episode and was expanded upon, as well.

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The Residents of Kurosaki

Being a small town, most of the residents are adults or elderly folk. Kimi is the only child resident and looked after the rest of the village. Underneath the village, however lies a mysterious tunnel in which one of the late residents had and kept his belongings. Though it’s only talked about a few times prior to this incident, the former owner was known to be a bit strange. On the same day, Seiichi brings a group of foreigners to train and intern to get professional experience to the island. Wada, one of the village elders isn’t fond of outsiders coming in, let alone staying long-term. Among them, a young girl, Yuri and her mother also move to the area where the former meets and befriends Kimi.

There’s also a mysterious character, Hideo who is a hikikomori and refuses to speak with his mother, and only comes out at night to “take walks”. He uses the underground hideout as a place to hang up his drawings that he makes during the daytime. He has yet to outwardly speak but shows a fondness for Kimi and Yuri when they return a pen of his that they found.

Given his familiarity with the hideout and his obscure drawings, it’s safe to say that there’s more than meets the eye. Even the residents of Kurosaki have their reservations about the “treasures” that are being kept there – most notably when one discovers what looks to be an artifact.

Morbid Curiosity

Kimi’s demeanor is very accurate to that of a child but her thirst for knowledge goes beyond just childlike wonder. When she goes with one of her uncles into the underground, looking for an old shaved ice machine, she spots a mummified dog. Most children would be too scared to return or run at the sight of it, but Kimi went back to pick it up and scare Yuri with it. Moreover, earlier in the episode, she jumps from the top of the building complex – relying on one of the foreigners to save her life. Her reckless and daring actions leave room for speculation on her character.

But let’s address the elephant in the room first: Why was there a mummified dog in a storage space? And why is Hideo using that area to hide his drawings? Perhaps the former owner is hiding something – and Hideo is the only one who knows. This could also possibly factor into why he is a hikikomori in the first place.

4 Is The (Un)Lucky Number

There are only 4 episodes planned for Housing Complex C, and it’s off to a strong start so far. Episode 1 did an exceptional job at setting up the plot and character interactions. From the beginning, the show provides an indepth insight into each character’s psyche and the overall role they play in the story.

Yuri and Kimi are also expected to play a pivotal role in the events that inevitably follow. Episode 2 will be released on October 9 at midnight on Toonami and available for stream on HBO Max.

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