After stealing LeChuck’s map and being bested by the evil ghost captain in a round of insult sword fighting at the end of Return to Monkey Island‘s second part, Guybrush will find himself at the bottom of the ocean. Thankfully, the mighty pirate is able to hold his breath for eight minutes (ten, in some Monkey Island games), which enables him to take a leisurely stroll back to the titular island.

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Once there, players will need to head to the Red Berry Bush area and follow LeChuck’s map to the giant X. Unfortunately, this turns out to be a trap, with Captain Madison and the other pirate leaders having replaced the map with a fake. After cutting a deal with them, Guybrush will then get a chance to explore the island, where there are six skulls for him and Return to Monkey Island players to find.

Where to Find the Six Skulls in Return to Monkey Island

The six skulls are needed for one of the many great Monkey Island puzzles, and, together with Murray, are used to create a percussion instrument of sorts. Strictly speaking, players will only actually need to find four of them, but those hoping to unlock the “Tight Ship” achievement are going to have to collect them all. Thankfully, they’re all fairly easy to find and can be picked up in just a few short minutes.

  1. Players can find the first skull on the far left side of the beach that they first arrive on.
  2. The second skull can be found on a rock to the left of the entrance to the giant monkey head.
  3. Skull number three is near the water’s edge in the Volcano Beach area.
  4. The fourth skull is underwater to the left of the anchor of LeChuck’s ship.
  5. Players will be able to pick up the fourth skull on the beach in the Shipwreck area.
  6. The final skull is on the right-hand side of the rock plateau in the Up to see the view area.

How to Use the Six Skulls in Return to Monkey Island

Upon collecting all six skulls, players should take them to the Giant Monkey Head area and impale them on the spikes to the left and right of Murray, who is somehow no longer a flattened skull. As mentioned above, it is technically possible to complete the puzzle with just four skulls by placing one on the far left spike (Do) and the others on the three spikes to the right of Murray (Re, Sol, and Mi). Players will then be able to use the bone on the ground to conk the skulls and play LeChuck’s theme song (Do, Do, Mi, Sol, Fa, Fa, Re), with Murray serving as Fa.

How to Unlock the Tight Ship Achievement in Return to Monkey Island

In order to get the “Tight Ship” achievement, players will need all six skulls in their inventory when the time comes to repair the Sea Monkey, which served as Guybrush’s ship in the first Monkey Island game. This means returning to the Giant Monkey Head and picking up all of the skulls that were placed on spikes earlier, as well as any that players didn’t collect the first time around. Guybrush and Ellaine will then use the skulls to decorate the ship, causing the achievement to unlock at the beginning of Part 4.

Return to Monkey Island is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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