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When Hollow Knight isn’t delighting players with lovable characters and vast areas to explore, it’s making them battle tooth-and-nail with the aggressive critters of the Hallownest. Most combat encounters are limited to whatever environment enemies are found in or the game’s many boss arenas, but some players may miss the thrill of battling with an audience – something the Mantis Lords boss fight offered a glimpse of.

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To taste glory, unlock various rare rewards and line their pockets with Geo, players must seek out the Colosseum of Fools and test their mettle in the arena. This guide will help players find the Colosseum, and explain what they can expect in its first challenge, the Trial of the Warrior.

Where Is The Colosseum Of Fools?

The Colosseum of Fools can be found at the very top of the Kingdom’s Edge area – one that can be found connecting to the Ancient Basin by way of tram, City of Tears, and Royal Basin.

Reaching the Colosseum isn’t easy – the Kingdom’s Edge is a hostile area, home to several flying enemies that will spit projectiles and slowly pursue players as they ascend the cliffs. Skilled players will have mastered the art of ‘bouncing’ on enemies with well-timed downward slashes, but should still prioritize getting to safety as soon as possible – there are no benches or springs to rest at on the way to the Colosseum.

It’s easy to tell when the Colosseum of Fools is close – corpses from the arena frequently fall from the sky, and the platforming gets progressively harder. Players will eventually enter a cave, however, which shouldn’t prove too difficult to navigate – most of the challenging enemies are tucked away in optional areas. Still, players should be wary of the ‘belfly’ enemies that lurk on ceilings leading to the Colosseum, exploding near the player after noticing them.

After finally reaching the top of the cave, the Colosseum can be found to the far right – it’s inside the corpse of a giant worm.

What To expect In The Trial Of The Warrior

Acting as the ‘easiest’ of the three trials, the Trial of the Warrior is the only one available to players visiting the Colosseum of Fools for the first time. Expect the following:

  • To pay 100 Geo to unlock the trial (subsequent attempts are free)
  • 11 waves of enemies
  • 1 mini-boss on wave 8
  • 2 mini-bosses on wave 11
  • 1 incredibly easy ‘Boss’ on wave 12
  • Constantly shifting walls.
  • Platforms and spikes appearing and disappearing between waves
  • Several enemies – some ground-based, others flying, and a few unique to the Colosseum

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Preparing for the Trial

Charms are a Hollow Knight player’s best friend – it’s important to bring some that compliment a player’s strengths and help mitigate their weaknesses.

  • Charms that increase the amount of SOUL gained when attacking enemies will keep players alive
  • Charms that increase the power of spells are important for dealing with far-away enemies.
  • Charms that increase the player’s attack speed will help kill enemies quickly.
  • Charms that increase the player’s attack range are useful for similar reasons.
  • Charms that increase the player’s damage are best for completing the trial quickly.

In addition to charms, players should be aware of the following:

  • Pale Ore can be used to upgrade the nail – upgrading it as much as possible before the trial is highly recommended.
  • A hidden hot spring that restores SOUL can be found on the far right of the Colosseum’s lower level.
  • Having more masks and soul vessels will increase the player’s chance of success.

Tips for the Trial of the Warrior

  • Use the slower enemies to your advantage – keep them alive, and heal in a corner far away from them.
  • Don’t panic – most enemies are reskins and act similarly to enemies encountered earlier in the game.
  • Downward slashes are a player’s other best friend – most enemies in this trial can’t deal ‘upward’ damage.
  • Use magic to quickly deal with faraway enemies that may deal damage up close.
  • Don’t get discouraged – there’s no shame in taking a break, or just coming back with more abilities unlocked.

Hollow Knight is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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