The following contains spoilers for Episode 11 of Lycoris Recoil, “Diamond Cut Diamond” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

When we last left off, Chisato left to save the man who plotted the attack on her heart. At the time, Inoue was handling a terrorist attack led by Majima during the Enkuboku Tower’s grand opening. In today’s episode, we are taken back a couple of hours before Majima’s attack on the tower, finally lining up the time of events from the chaotic tenth episode.

Lycoris Recoil is an original anime about two young assassins learning how to navigate both every day life, and terrorist attacks in an alternate universe version of Japan. Organizations of opposing morals both seek out the protagonist, Chisato, for different reasons. The other protagonist, Inoue, is trapped between her finally enriched life with the café LycoReco with Chisato, and her dreams of ranking high in the DA. That is, until the last two episodes.


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Inoue Discovers Chisato’s Disappearance

The episode opens with Inoue watching a presentation on Majima by Kusunoki with fellow Lycorises. Sitting next to her is Erika, who is excited she’s returned. During the presentation, Inoue discovers that Chisato was called. She leaps to her seat and asks why Chisato was called, to which Kusunoki replies both her and Mika were unable to be reached. Inoue exits the bus the Lycorises are watching the presentation on and takes off, claiming she’ll be back in time before the terrorist attack.

Meanwhile, Robota is talking with Chisato through Mika’s car’s phone interface. After some squabbling between Chisato and Robota, they drive away in the car, where it’s revealed they left their phones behind as per Robota’s request. We quickly flash back to Inoue, who is trying to call Chisato in vain. After the theme song, we see a short moment of Kurumi and Mizuki conversing in an airport lounge. They reminisce about Chisato and LycoReco, with Kurumi seeming more distraught.

The scene then changes to Inoue arriving at LycoReco. Nobody else is there, and Inoue isn’t aware of why. She tries to call Chisato again, before discovering Chisato’s phone left on the counter. Inoue is then called by Kusunoki who tells her to come back to execute the plan against Majima, however Inoue explains why she thinks something has happened to Chisato, ignoring Kusunoki’s command. Inoue finally agrees to come back after Kusunoki says she can ask Majima more about what he knows regarding the situation between Yoshimatsu and Chisato.

Kurumi Uncovers A Secret

On her flight to leave Japan, Kurumi is using a VR headset to dig for information regarding Chisato. During this, she discovers a woman with an Alan Institute pin who is connected to artificial heart research. After a little more digging, Kurumi discovers security camera footage of that woman with Yoshimatsu. She subsequently finds footage of a second heart. There’s a chance Chisato can live. She leaves her plane just before takeoff and searches for Mizuki, and then informs her of what she found

Meanwhile, Inoue is marching with the other Lycorises. Just then, she is informed by Kurumi over her headpiece that they’ve found a second heart. She also informs Inoue that Yoshimatsu apparently has the heart, and it’s supposedly improved over the one Chisato has. Just as she continues to talk to Inoue, a mysterious helicopter shows up on the landing strip in front of Kurumi and Mizuki.

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The scene changes to Majima, who is communicating with Robota to make sure the plans are running smoothly for a terrorist attack. Meanwhile, Lycorises lead by Fuki are leading the sneak attack. Just then, Inoue is commanded by Kurumi via headpiece to look at Chisato’s smartphone. There is a photo of Yoshimatsu tied up to a chair when Inoue looks. When Kurumi says she believes that Chisato and Mika are on the way to the old radio tower, Inoue wonders aloud of it’s a trap.

The other Lycorises get mad at Inoue for lagging behind during these communications. Inoue apologizes, and says she needs to go. The other Lycorises get defensive, except for Erika. Erika offers to take Inoue’s place, but is then mocked by Sakura. Erika runs away, chased by an unnamed Lycoris. Fuki steps forward, and tells Inoue that if she leaves, she loses her place in the DA. Inoue stays determined to save Chisato, even if it means losing her past ambitions. Inoue heads to the old radio tower as fast as she can run.

Radio Tower Shenanigans

Returning to Fuki, Sakura, and the rest of the Lycorises moments after the events of the last episode, Sakura is commenting on how Inoue slowed them down. They continue sneaking up the tower, ready to take Majima on. When the Lycorises arrive, they find that the other group of Lycorises have taken down all the thugs they could find upstairs. In another far away place, Robota presses a button to launch a live feed of Majima, which startles the Lycorises. As it turns out, this livestream is also seen around the local area, much like the last one that brought up to the public about the guns hidden around the city.

Majima uses this livestream to show the public Lycorises. Lycorises were kept a secret from the public beforehand, but Majima has blown the lid off of that. In public, a crowd of people realize a Lycoris is standing among them, and shoots their newly found gun at the dazed Lycoris. Majima continues degrading the public’s view of a Lycoris. The robot vacuums that were cleaning up after the bloody massacre at the top floor of the new tower begin beeping, and just as the Lycorises realize they’re bombs, the vacuums explode.

Finally, the episode focuses on Chisato again. She tells Mika that she will go into the old radio tower alone. While talking to Mika, she shoots a drone without looking at it, and continues the conversation. Chisato then goes inside the tower, and effortlessly takes down Majima’s goons along the way. After daring attempts at jumping around broken pieces of the tower thousands of feet in the air, she makes it to the top floor, and finds Yoshimatsu.

Before she can celebrate, Majima snaps his fingers and large metal shields cover all the windows. Majima shoots at Chisato, who dodges, leaving the bullets to hit Yoshimatsu. Majima informs Chisato about how he exposed the world of Lycorises. The two engage in a duel, both utilizing their extraordinary abilities. Out of nowhere, Inoue bursts through the wall and helps Chisato fight with Majima until the two end at a standstill, and therefore end the episode.

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