New details regarding Apex Legends‘ upcoming Collection event, including the heirloom addition, some skins, inspirations, and a potential release date have all appeared online. As many fans know, Collection Events are some of the biggest in-game store events hosted in Apex Legends, with players guaranteed an Heirloom should they all acquire these skins.

Of course, the Apex Legends datamining community has always been active, and these details tend to appear online ahead of time. For example, the skins for Apex Legends‘ Halloween event have already appeared online and even more details regarding this new Collection Event have too.


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According to various data mines and leaks first compiled by Dexerto, the next Collection Event is called Beast of Prey. It is expected to add Loba’s Heirloom to Apex Legends, which, based on recent comic developments, seems to be a war fan. Collection Events usually take place about halfway through a season, so the leaked start date of September 20 makes perfect sense. Because of this too, fans can reliably expect a new trailer relatively soon.

As seen above, dataminer KralRindo has shown off a number of skins found in the Apex Legends game files that are expected to release in the event. They are all associated, including the release date, with the file name HunterPredator. The video shows off skins for Gibraltar, the Car SMG, Longbow, Hemlok, Wingman, and new banners. Obviously, there will be more than this, but it does point to a certain theme for the event.

Notably, many of these Apex Legends skins seem inspired by Alien and Predator, though outright Easter eggs are unlikely. Still, Apex Legends‘ anime event wore its inspirations on its sleeves, so it wouldn’t be a surprise for this to do so as well. It’s fun to imagine how this theme could apply to other characters in Apex Legends, and with it supposedly beginning rather soon, fans will likely learn more then.

Beyond that, fans know that other LTMs are certainly possible and further on the horizon is Apex Legends season 15. Season 13 and season 14 have seen a lot of changes come to the popular battle royale title, but it’s likely even more changes to the overall meta and perhaps even Apex Legends‘ ranked mode are on the way.

Apex Legends is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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