There are an array of Badges for players to obtain in Splatoon 3, and one of them features the visage of Mr. Grizz, the CEO of Grizzco Industries. In order to earn this Badge, which can be showcased on a fan’s Splashtag, a fairly challenging task within the game’s campaign must be completed. This guide is here to provide information on exactly what that task is and help players secure the Mr. Grizz Badge, as well as the Teddy Band headgear, in Splatoon 3.

To note, outlining the method of obtaining the Mr. Grizz Badge does require that some details about Splatoon 3‘s story mode be revealed. As such, players that prefer to discover the campaign for themselves may want to stop reading now. For those fans that are indeed attempting to avoid any spoilers, it may be sufficient to say that earning this Badge necessitates a very thorough playthrough of Return of the Mammalians.


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Splatoon 3: How to Get Mr. Grizz Badge

Players that would like to obtain the Mr. Grizz Badge must focus their efforts on finding and clearing the campaign’s secret level, After Alterna. To access this level, fans must complete every stage in story mode, and while this is a fairly straightforward task, it may take a while to complete it. Once a Splatoon 3 player has finished all the stages in Return of the Mammalians, they will receive indication that a Secret Kettle has appeared, and they can then find the entrance to After Alterna on Future Utopia Island.

While unlocking After Alterna is not particularly difficult, even if it is a bit time-consuming, the same cannot be said about actually beating the level. Indeed, there are some very challenging platforming sections and enemies to overcome in this stage, and fans may want to put some effort toward raising their Hero Levels before they try to tackle it. Notably, Splatoon 3‘s Callie and Marie Badges are awarded upon reaching Max Hero Level, providing some additional incentive for fans to unlock and upgrade their gear.

One final thing to mention is that players will earn the Teddy Band alongside the Mr. Grizz Badge. This headgear gives its wearer brown bear ears, and it will make a nice addition to many Grizzco Industries fans’ wardrobes. For those players that are curious, the Teddy Band has the Comeback ability in its primary slot, which will be a boon to those that are frequently splatted, as it provides a temporary boost after a respawn.

Splatoon 3 is available for Nintendo Switch.

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