Thymesia hosts a variety of difficult enemies and bosses, with some of the side bosses being the most interesting and monumental fights in the game. These bosses offer various loot to the player, including new powerups, memory shards, and potion upgrade materials. Alongside this, these bosses allow players to unlock various endings by combining their cores together. The Sound of the Abyss is a gigantic worm at the heart of the secret lab in the Royal Gardens zone. It can only be fought after the player has defeated The Hanged Queen and cleared the required sub-quest to finally meet the beast.


The Sound of the Abyss will fight the player in a large arena, where the fleshy crystal worm will occasionally strike down allowing for the player to hit it. Overall, this fight is one of the easier ones in Thymesia, but The Sound of the Abyss does incredible damage and can easily wipe out a player if they aren’t careful in reading its tells.

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The Sound of the Abyss Moveset Phase 1

The Sound of the Abyss, like the game’s first boss Odur, has two phases. Each of these phases comes with its own moveset.

Crystal Eruption Rain

  • Attack: The worm will shake the cave violently, causing crystals to fall from the sky. These crystals will be indicated via a red circle on the ground. While the crystals are falling, a larger red circle will appear where the worm will leap out of the ground, dealing damage to anything in the area.
  • Counter: This move is telegraphed and quite easy to dodge. Players should avoid the red circles while baiting the worm to strike. This can be done by standing in an area where a crystal won’t land until the circle for the worm appears, then dodging out of the way quickly.

Diving Thrust

  • Attack: The worm will slowly back away momentarily and then dive towards the player. This attack deals heavy damage.
  • Counter: This attack can only be countered by dodging quickly enough. If the player is able to dodge, they won’t take any damage. However, if the player is hit, they should heal up via a potion.

Slam and Slide

  • Attack: This is the Sound of the Abyss’ most devastating attack. The worm will lean towards one side of the arena, slam down, and make a sweeping motion towards the other side of the arena. This attack deals massive damage and can definitely be the finishing blow to a run.
  • Counter: This attack is actually quite easy to dodge if players are able to read into it early. Near the entrance of the arena, there are small alcoves that players can hide in to avoid this attack, making it rather negligible. Players should be wary that the move resolves quite quickly, and can catch players off guard if they aren’t in a good spot when the worm sweeps the arena.

It’s important to note that in Phase 1 of The Sound of the Abyss fight, damage can only be dealt to the worm by striking its weak spots located on its sides. These are only accessible when the worm has slammed down, so players should be patient and wait to deal damage. Once the player has depleted The Sound of the Abyss’ first health bar, it will enter Phase 2.

The Sound of the Abyss Phase 2

The second phase of The Sound of the Abyss fight is quite gimmicky and doesn’t really require much on the player. This phase will have players doing mainly the same things: dodging the falling crystals and the occasional larger boulder now. Once players have survived for long enough, the Sound of the Abyss will slam down once again, revealing its core. This will allow the player to perform an execution on the worm and finish the fight.

Loadout Tips

Talent Recommendations

  • Sharp Weapons: This talent is just generally useful in most of Thymesia. Increased damage on Saber attacks allow players to progress through a health bar faster and therefore get through a fight faster.
  • Long Claw: Unlike Short Claw, investing into Long Claw allows players to deal higher burst damage, which is important in a fight like this as the worm will only remain vulnerable for a period of time.
  • Blessing: This talent allows players to randomly take less damage. This is a useful talent here as it’s possible to mitigate some incoming damage from the boss or crystals. At level 3, Blessing also allows a potion to automatically be used if the player drops below 1 health, which will save them from the hit.

Beginners should note that talents can be swapped at any time, meaning players should feel free to customize talents to what they feel suits the fight.

Plague Weapon

Any plague weapon will work in this fight as players won’t be directly hitting the boss for most of the fight. However, a plague weapon that can deal sufficient burst is useful to deal high damage to the boss while it’s vulnerable.


The Long Lasting Potion is useful in this fight due to the non-aggressive nature of the boss. Players will have plenty of time to heal between its attacks as the boss is quite slow. Another aspect of the Long Lasting Potion is the sheer value it provides to players in terms of its health benefit.

Gameplay Tips

Burst Damage

As the boss is only vulnerable for a small period of time, players should look to deal as much burst damage to the boss as they can. This means using burning Plague weapons or other high damage abilities that they have when they can.

Confirming Damage

Confirming player wound damage is just as important as dealing the wounds in the first place. Players should be extra wary about being greedy, as it’s possible they could wound the entirety of The Sound of the Abyss’ health bar, only to have it heal back.

Thymesia is available now for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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